Hi there!

I'm Victoria Walsh, a 3rd generation, Orlando resident and Community Fiber Artist who works frequently under the name, "MACRAME MOMMA". I love to bring the local community together through textiles and texture by leading various workshops, collaborations, and community fiber bombing events in the Central Florida Area.

After facilitating a few community fiber bomb installations where we wrapped several tree trunks around Orlando; I picked up a few tricks about knotting in a centrifugal patterns. I appreciate the symmetry and math that comes along with working evenly around a 3 dimensional object. With all of that floating inside my creative toolbox, I noticed myself thinking about knotting custom apparel. I find many similarities between knotting around trees and knotting around women;  both offer natural curves, and no two are the same! It’s great to be able to highlight the beauty of form with something as simple as string. It’s a labor of love taking on average, 10 hours per piece and 100s of feet of cord.

Knot with me during a community installation or workshop held in one of Central Florida’s best museums and locally owned venues.